SmartHanger™ Organiser

SmartHanger™ Organiser

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Frustrated with Disorganised
and Overfull Wardrobes?

Get organised in minutes and gain 3x more space with the new SmartHanger™.

The Easy Way to Get Organised

This clever ‘space saver’ allows you to easily group clothing by colour, style, season ec. With one SmartHanger™ you can hold 9 garments (or double-up to 18) and segmenting your wardrobe becomes simple.

It also makes staying organised easy. Simply add and remove clothing to the right hangers. It takes just minutes to get organised.

Get 80% More Wardrobe Space

One SmartHanger™ holds 9 garments and saves you 80% of your wardrobe space.

That means you can have almost 3 times more clothes in the same amount of space. If you are short of wardrobe space then this is the ideal solution.

Makes it Easy to Find Anything in Your Wardrobe

The unique design rotates 360° horizontally and vertically. This allows you to easily pull out or replace any garment - without pulling 3 others along!

Flipping the  SmartHanger™ up and spinning it around allows you easily find anything.

The 9-hole design uses optimal spacing between garments and allows you to easily pull out just what you need while keeping the rest of your clothes perfectly organised.

Store Your Clothes Wrinkle Free

With 80% more wardrobe space you no longer need to stuff you clothes into boxes for storage. You can hang everything wrinkle-free and easy to access whenever you need it.

For storage, you can double-up and place 2 garments per hole. This allows just 1 SmartHanger™ to store 18 garments.

Strong and Durable
(and will never damage your clothes)

The SmartHanger™ is reinforced and made from ultra strong Polypropylene.

It is smooth with NO metal and will never rip or tear any clothes. It also has NO mechanical parts that can break.

It easily holds up to 6kg/13 pounds which is ideal for heavy coats.

Why You Will Love Your New Smarthangers:

- Save 80% of your wardrobe space
- Organize your wardrobe in minutes
- Quickly Find & pull out any piece of clothing
- Store clothes wrinkle-free
- Easily holds up to 6kg/13 pounds
- NO metal or sharp ends

A Real Time Saver

No more sifting through piles of clothing looking for something that you know “should be in there somewhere”. The SmartHanger™ is just a no-brainer when it comes to being organized.


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